Corporate Talks and Workshops

Paula is available to do motivating talks and workshops for your business or retreats.  Help your employees  reduce their stress, gain confidence, feel better physically and emotionally, adopt a positive outlook!  Everyone wins!

Read the comments from my recent 4 hour workshop on Positive Mindset at a corporate retreat:

“Paula, you completely changed my life today!”

“I’m so excited to put your positive suggestions into practice!”


Future Classes and Workshops

The following classes are held based on demand. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail me at with your name, phone, and the title(s) of the classes or workshops you want to attend.

Class – Finding and Pursuing Your Passion

Learn about what your true passions are and break through your subconscious limiting beliefs to be in an empowered, confident place to pursue your dreams!

Class – Stress Reduction

Learn how to melt away your stress with Emotional Freedom Techniques and hypnotherapy.

Workshop – Past Life Regression

Learn about Past Life Regression hypnotherapy and experience it for yourself in a group setting.

Group Breakthrough to Becoming a NonSmoker

Release your limiting beliefs and cravings and become the confident non-smoker that is your authentic way of being.  Learn Emotional Freedom Technique and go home with a hypnotherapy recording to support yourself as a non-support and release any cravings that might come up.

Class – Stop the Dieting Struggles, Reach Your Ideal Weight and Keep the Weight Off

Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with more ease and effectiveness

Energize your weight loss goals with Self-Hypnosis and Imagery

Release Sugar and Salt Cravings

Understand what Core Issues are and how to Uncover Yours

Create EFT scripts for Your Issues

Tap in class and between classes on your EFT scripts to let go of those lifelong weight issues for good!

You’ll Also Receive:

  •        Worksheets For All the Classes
  •        Bonus Hypnosis CD to help you stay focused and attract your weight loss goals!