This powerful set of tools takes you into your subconscious mind, which is the seat of your emotions, beliefs, and memories. Though you are always under control, you relax enough to bypass the conscious mind in order to transform the negative limiting beliefs into positive, empowering beliefs that support you. This is often much faster than traditional therapy as you are going right to the source of your issue. Depending on what’s appropriate and comfortable for you, sessions may include visualization, inner child work, dream work, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and regression.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

This amazing psychological work is based on the complex system of energy circuits that run throughout the body. These energy circuits… or meridians as they are called… are the basis of Eastern health practices such as acupuncture and acupressure, and are often used by massage therapists and chiropractors for physical healing. Using light tapping on different points, there is often a release, sometimes subtle and often dramatic, of symptoms or the actual problem you are experiencing. Possible uses for EFT include cravings, phobias, anxiety, negative emotions, grief, anger, fears, guilt, PTSD, traumatic memories, pain, health issues, weight issues, and all limiting emotions in sports, business and the performing arts. Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, often works where nothing else will, and the results are usually long lasting. There are no drugs or equipment involved, and can be self-applied as a wonderful healing tool. You may explore EFT more by visiting this Website: EFT Universe

Personal Coaching

This is becoming widely accepted as the way to create rapid and powerful changes in one’s life. Just as gifted athletes most often succeed because of the encouragement from a coach, everyone can benefit from someone who sees their incredible potential and pushes them to their limits. An outside perspective, accountability, support, goal-setting and goal-achieving techniques are all benefits of using a personal coach.